Styling Locally – Impressing Internationally

The Gold Coast property scene seems to be catching up with the rest of Australia not just in terms of growth, but in the way we style, customize and give the feeling of depth to our homes. Today we are seeing more open custom fire places, vintage leather couches, fine pieces of art scattered across homes throughout the city. It seems our culture of travelling and storytelling are finding their ways into the way we show our most prized possessions, our homes.

At LW we have seen an influx in people wanting their homes to be furnished to replicate this feel across the prestige market. Prospective buyers are also showing strong interest in purchasing furnishings and art, more than we have experienced in the past. We are confident that furnishing your property or simply having a consultation with a stylist will give sellers a better insight and point of difference within the market place, yielding invariably a stronger sale result.

Coco Republic our stylists of choice & friends share some tips.

Vintage inspired interiors offer a sense of modern luxury with a charming and nostalgic twist. Timeless, character filled and full of personality. Let me share four top tips with you on creating unique style that pairs the old and the new in your home in the 21st Century.

Addressing the Window Treatments

Sheer curtains bring charm and simplicity to any room. A single paneled lace inspired drape cascading down a window frame will diffuse light in the space as well as provide privacy. The idea of incorporating a detailed window treatment offers not only a decorative feature to the space but also serves a functional purpose. This simple yet elegant touch will assist in adding a touch of class to your space and will help you in achieving a vintage inspired aesthetic throughout your space. Combine with a modern interior feature like exposed brick for unique charm.

Use Vintage Fabrics

Intricate, detailed and beautiful fabrics can transform a space with colour, texture or pattern. Add traditional detail with feather-filled cushions and vintage inspired covers. These are such a soft touch but full of impact. I love the idea of sourcing a few metres of fabric at a flea market and having them made into something beautiful for your home – cushions are perfect for this. I came across a well known stylist who recently did just that with a roll of fabric he picked up in Paris.

Introducing Ornate Furniture

Elegant furniture with authentic detailing and finishes will surely capture the essence of this trending aesthetic. Select French style pieces as the pivotal point for the room. The detailing in the timber will give a sense of luxury and purity to the space. If you wish to achieve this look, but can’t rid your existing pieces – there is always the option to giving your existing pieces a friendly makeover. Varnishing or painting is simple yet practical ways in achieving a glamorous look in your room without throwing out these cherished pieces.

Plain Walls and Floor

To avoid making the room feel cluttered and over styled, contrast the elegant and accessorized furniture with plain walls. A picture rail is another alternative to create a busy free wall, yet maintaining order in the space. The same applies for the flooring as well. It is best to keep the floors free from any unnecessary objects and nick-nacks. Let your pieces breath and allow people to appreciate the simplicity and beauty your pieces evoke

These simple steps can turn your living room into a vintage dream room. The room which will offer a wonderful conversation starter with guests and one where you have been hosting tea at in your dreams.

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