REIQ Journal Interview – Starting Lambert Willcox

Starting your own business is a daunting prospect for anybody let alone a 22 & 26 year old in one of the most competitive fields of business on the Gold Coast but there has not been a day we have regretted our decision. We have always been confident that we were bringing something genuinely unique to the real estate industry and as a result we have been assured that our decision to start a business was the right one. LW has been open circa 15 months and we have just had a record month in gross commission’s intake, we made more sales in the last 6 weeks than we did nearly the entire first year of our business.   

Without a doubt one of the best things about starting Lambert Willcox Estate Agents has been the ability to be as creative as we want across the entire real estate spectrum. We have introduced a new photo style, every single listing has professional photos, floorplans and interactive video and we have designed everything from scratch in a way we think will appeal to consumers on our level. Through experience we believe perception is reality in marketing and when we can make a property stand out, you more than likely will get a stand out price. This has created a snow ball effect and separation from us and your standard agency, not only have people gravitated towards LW for our creative edge but it has also created raving fans in the market place who will keep coming back.

Our ambition has never been to simply create a brand know for excellent sales results but rather a holistically excellent company. We now have the ability to run a business the way we believe it should be and that includes being as environmentally friendly as possible, our property brochures and print marketing are made out recycled materials. In an international first we have partnered with Animal Welfare League Queensland to help rehome animals in need. We position homeless animals in our property marketing and inform everyone that will listen that these animals need care and a new place to call home. The by-products of these initiatives have been profound generating national editorial, profile and a massively positive perception of the brand. 

It certainly has not come without its up and downs. For the first 12 months, we had some dark days, some days when we didn’t know if we could even make rent payments. The testing experiences helped define LW more specifically our leadership and friendship. It was through these tough times that we learnt the most about our brand and ourselves and that we would stand the test of time no matter what was over the horizon.

The biggest aspect of the business we probably underestimated was the investment of time and mental energy. When starting your own business we now know every moment is spent thinking about it, there is no off button. Our advice is to all new businesses and new agents is to expect to be exhausted, to work 16 hour days consistently and it will be all consuming but if you stick to it the outcome will be worth every ounce of effort you invest.

It has been an incredible journey already, but we are only just getting started.

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