Lambert Willcox Top 3 Suburbs to Invest in Today!

The Gold Coast real estate landscape seems to be changing like the weather, beautiful one day and perfect the next. We often have people asking us where to buy, so LW have come up with our top 3 favourite suburbs to buy in and why. (We also work in these suburbs so we may be a little biased).

1. Southport

We think of Southport as the Surry Hills, Sydney of the Gold Coast about 15 years ago, ripe for a resurgence. One of the only suburbs with federation homes on nearly every corner, wide streets and a myriad of trendy new cafes and eateries have opened up creating a buzz the area has been so patiently waiting for. Here are some the reasons we love it so much in the current property market.

– Entry level houses can still be purchased in the $400,000 range.

– Lots of parks scattered throughout the suburb (some better than others), great for young and growing families if you cannot find a block with enough yard space to take advantage of.

– Federal and local council spending a record amount of money on improvements throughout the suburb, predominantly on commercial infrastructure such as the newly completed Aqua Centre and University Hospital.

– Centrally located with unique ammenties within walking distance of most dwellings including China Town and The Broadwater precinct with playgrounds and water attractions.

– Great cross section of properties from Main River mansions to entry level renovators is one of the reasons that make it a very vibrant, fun and multicultural area.

2. Paradise Waters

Still potentially Gold Coast’s favourite water front suburb and why wouldn’t it be? With the best geographical boat access to any other suburb, consisting of only about 330 houses all of which are waterfront and its home to some of the most expensive houses in Australia. Even though it is small in size Paradise Waters hosts a plethora of celebrity owners from business people to sports stars. Here are some the reasons we love it so much in the current property market.

– Was previously the most expensive suburb in QLD per square metre, so we think there is large margin for growth if you purchase well.

– The suburb is only getting better, in the last 12 months PW is a changed place, the blocks of land that have sat vacant for decades are now being utilised with new builds taking place on nearly every street.

– With the completion of the light rail and a station only metres away make getting to wherever you have to go even easier. There was initially some apprehension due to changed traffic conditions etc but that has long since passed with nearly every resident using the monorail after special occasions when one or two too many drinks were potentially consumed.

3. Palm Beach

We may be a little behind with the 8 ball on this one, Palm Beach has seen growth of approximately 30% in the last 2 years but we still think it has more room for further increase. “Palmy” as the locals call it has really come of age, boasting some of the best restaurants and cafes in South East Queensland. Despite the commercial development in recent years, locals will still tell you Palm Beach is still like it was 20 years ago, laid back, casual and stress free and that’s the way they like it! Here are some the reasons we love it so much in the current property market.

– One of the only suburbs with genuine beachfront properties, comparatively speaking a Palm Beach beach houseis affordable.

– With plans for the light rail to eventually go through Palm Beach will make it even closer and more easily accessible to the more central suburbs.

– Gold Coast Airport is due to undergo a $200 million rebuild with some very exciting projections for the areas growth. Queensland Airports Ltd managing director Dennis Chant said that, after the expansion, a further 180 jobs would be needed. Palm Beach is only 10 minutes’ drive away, which we believe can only be a good thing for their future!

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