5 Strategies on Reviving your Stale Listing

Is your listing sitting stagnant on the major property portals and failing to generate even the slightest interest?

Failing to generate interest in your listing can sometimes place you in a tough situation with your vendors and can often result in losing the listing to a competitor. Whilst there may be external factors contributing to this i.e. economic, over-supply and so on, more often than not this can be a direct result of a visually unappealing and un-engaging campaign. 

What does “visually unappealing and un-engaging” mean? Approximately 88% of prospective buyers turn online for their next property purchase and generally the first point of contact that a prospective buyer will have with a property is through its images. So when we say the above, it means that you are failing to grab the attention of that prospect within the very short few seconds that you have. 

If your listing has been sitting on the market for 90 days, consider these below strategies to re-fresh that listing:

1.  Day to Dusk- assuming that the majority of listings now have professional photography, no longer will just any ordinary day shots get you by. Consider having your photographer re-visit for some ‘twilight’ shots. When listing agents Lambert Willcox were looking to revive a listing that had been sitting for some time, they directly implemented this strategy.

“Within days of placing the new images up, we had a huge increase in visitors through realestate.com.au along with new leads. It sold just days later.”  Jesse Willcox Director – Lambert Willcox Estate Agents.

2.  Add Furnishings- Sometimes photos of empty properties fail to give the prospective buyer the emotional element they need to place an enquiry or show up at the open home.

There are options, with the advances in technology, no longer is virtual furnishing just for empty listings, yet digital decluttering may be performed on a photo allowing it to then be refurnished with virtual furniture – basically transforming the whole space!

3.  Show a different ‘Point of View’-  The rise of drone photography in real estate has grown significantly over the past 3 – 4 years. With greater access to trained and insured drone professionals has transformed this from a luxury to almost a necessity. Aaron Rajamoney, Chief Operator of Real Drone Photography has worked on hundreds of property campaigns stating that this is no longer just reserved for luxury homes, but is being adopted by agents all across Australia.

4.  Video- According to an Australian Real Estate group, listings with video receive 403% more enquiries than those that don’t. Not only will your video be solid for the listing on the portals but it will also be a thumb stopper on the likes of social media as well.

5.  Floor Plan- Perhaps one of the most highly utilised tool, but underrated, a floor plan helps to bind the visual marketing materials together. It compliments all of the above elements and works to position the prospective buyer into the property. Coupled with a site plan, this can be one of the best ways to complete your listing.

Unless you are targeting your market elsewhere, online marketing should be at the top of the priority list. Whilst vendors may be reluctant to spend any additional monies on marketing materials, this is generally the time when they should be investing any one of the above strategies. All it takes is one buyer but it also takes the right pieces of visual content to first capture that buyer! 

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